VA Architects Ltd. is a company based in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Established in 2016 as Vertical Alignment Architects, our practice revolves around three key principles - exploration, engagement and inspiration.

Every new project is regarded as a new opportunity to learn and grow.

Facing new challenges drives us forward.

It is our desire, as architects, to do our best to contribute to a more sustainable city growth through individual projects.

We advocate for designs that are considerate of the demographic, climate and even

political changes that societies face.





VA Architects provide a full range of services related to architectural design - from concept creation to construction supervision.

Our company works with a team of structural, MEP and HVAC engineers to provide the full file for obtaining a building permit.

A good building is the result of a team effort. This is why we partner with other architecture and design companies for certain more challenging projects.

If you are interested in a partnership with us, get in touch through the form.

You are planning to build but you are uncertain where to start. You wish to know what terrain will best suit your needs and what are the steps to follow.

Call us to arrange a meeting and we will provide all the answers.

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South Mall, 2nd Floor, 35 Akademik Boris Stefanov str.
1700 Sofia, Bulgaria, tel. +359 898 537 650